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Dubrovnik Packages

Visit Dubrovnik, “the Pearl of Adriatic” as Lord Byron called it once, the fascinating place with breathtaking old town within magnificent City walls from Middle Ages and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dubrovnik preserved its beautiful Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches, monasteries, palaces and fountains which will surely leave you breathless!

Daily Trip Plan

Tour 1: Dubrovnik Legends

The places to explore if you like intrigues, secrets and hidden agendas
Half – day tour

Old Town Walls, Fort Lovrijenac, Fort Bokar, Rector’s Palace, Sponza Palace… All the places that Dubrovnik is known for.
But is Dubrovnik just that?
Is everything revealed at first sight? Isn’t there more depth to Dubrovnik?
Yes there is! Explore Dubrovnik in a different way – through its legends.
Learn of the Lovrijenac Fort curse, defense against invaders and about the Freemasons Secret Society, which was developing alongside the Illuminati Society. Hear the story about St. Blaise, the protector of Dubrovnik, and visit the sight of Dead Bell to learn about its significance. Discover Dubrovnik’s hidden gem locations, places known by its beauty that only locals know about. Enjoy in getting to know Dubrovnik legends and Dubrovnik in general a bit differently than other visitors do.

From Dubrovnik
31,00 EUR

Itinerary – Dubrovnik Legends
Departure from the hotel according to the plan
21:00 Departure from Pile Gate
21:20 Arrival at Old Town granary
21:40 Exploration of abandoned monastery and southern walls
22:00 Discovering hidden gem locations
22:20 Exploration of ruins – main excavation sight
22:40 Sightseeing in harbour passage – old town harbour
22:50 Exploration of cathedral ruins. End of tour.

Transfer, guide and entrance fee are included in the price.

Tour 2: Mostar, traces of Orient

A place where the East and the West meet
Full-day tour

Having experienced different historical development over the centuries, this area has remained the meeting place of cultures and religions, with traces clearly visible today.
Drive to Neum along the coast, then inland through the picturesque Neretva River Delta up to Mostar. On our way to
Mostar we stop at the fortress-town of Počitelj, a well preserved example of oriental architecture, perched on a hillside above the river.
During the Turkish rule, the city of Mostar was developed on the banks of the river as an important trade centre on caravan routes.
We tour the old city of Mostar, included in the UNESCO`s World Heritage List in 2005, with its graceful single span Old Bridge, beautiful Tabačica Mosque and the colourful Bazaar with traditional handicrafts.

From Dubrovnik
53,00 EUR

Departure from the hotel according to the plan
09:15 Short break in Neum Ride to Počitelji, short break
12:00 Arrival to Mostar Guided sightseeing of Mostar with a visit to mosque
13:15 Free time for individual activities
16:00 Departure from Mostar
17:15 Short break in Neum
18:45 Arrival to Dubrovnik and transfer to the hotel

Transfer, guide and Tabačica Mosque entrance fee are all included in the price.
Local currency: Convertible mark
Passport required for entry to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tour 3: Čilipi Folklore

Sounds and colours of Dubrovnik countryside
Half day tour

The Konavle Valley with its thirty villages, well known for its beautiful landscape, elegant national costumes and embroideries, has carefully preserved its traditions and customs passed down through generations.
Traditional welcome in Čilipi with dry figs and herb brandy followed by a walk through this picturesque village with a typical rural architecture.
At the Sunday Fair you will have opportunity to buy handmade souvenirs and embroideries or attend a Holy Mass at St. Nicholas’ Church, where countrymen come dressed in their national costumes. In front of the church you can enjoy the folklore performance of dances and folk music of the area. Visit to the Konavle Ethnographic Museum, arranged like a typical Konavle house with objects of daily use, jewellery and festive costumes of a bride and groom.

From Dubrovnik
34,00 EUR

Departure from the hotel according to the plan
09:45 Arrival to Čilipi, guests are being served with the welcome drink
10:00 Holly Mass in the church of St. Nicolas (optional) Sunday Fair – traditional embroideries
11:00 Local folklore ensemble performance
12:00 Departure towards Dubrovnik
12:45 Return to Dubrovnik and transfer to hotel

Transfers, guide, welcome drink, folklore dance performance and entrance fees are included in the price.

Tour 4: Medieval Fortresses of Ston & Korčula

Magnificent remains of the Dubrovnik Republic
Full day tour

Discover the charming little town of Ston with its 5-kilometre long walls and the island of Korčula – the hometown of Marco Polo, the famous world traveller.
Ston is renowned for its delicious oysters. After Ston we will drive along the Pelješac Peninsula, stopping at a local winery to taste some of the famous local wines.
Another landmark of Ston are its old salt ponds where the salt is still produced the old way. The tour continues with a drive to Orebić where we take a ferry for Korčula.
After the sightseeing tour you will have enough free time to visit the house where one of the greatest world travellers, Marko Polo, was born in 1254. At the age of 17 he went on a long journey to China. Marko Polo was the first person who introduced Europe to the developed and powerful Chinese civilization and discovered many achievements, among which were pasta, paper money, oil as a mean of energy, many different spices and rich fabrics of different kinds and colours.
On our way back we will visit a local restaurant and have oyster and other seafood tasting with a glass of local wine.

From Dubrovnik
65,00 EUR

08:00 Departure from Dubrovnik
09:00 Arrival to Ston, sightseeing
09:45 Departure to Potomje
10:15 Winery tour, wine and cheese tasting included
11:00 Scenic drive to Orebić
11:30 Boat ride to Korčula
12:00 Korčula Old City sightseeing
13:00 Free time for individual lunch and activities
15:00 Boat ride to Orebić, followed by a bus ride to Mali Ston
16:30 Arrival to Mali Ston, Oyster and wine tasting in a local restaurant
17:30 Departure to Dubrovnik, sightseeing
18:30 Arrival to Dubrovnik, the end of the excursion

Transfers, guide, oysters, wine and cheese tasting included.

Tour 5: Elaphite Islands Karaka Cruise

The secret getaway of aristocracy
Full day cruise

Cruise with us on Karaka, the magnificent replica of a Dubrovnik Republic traditional merchant ship from the 16th century and explore the picturesque white-stoned towns of the Elaphite Islands, enriched with lush green pine-trees and clear blue sparkling waters of the Adriatic Sea.
Indulge in beautiful local cuisine – a true delight for all your senses. The Elaphite Island Karaka cruise is one of the most wonderful ways to discover history while cruising on a warm summer day.
We sail to the island of Koločep, covered in a dense pine forest with a picturesque fishermen’s village lying along the bay. We will continue to the village of Suđurađ on the island of Šipan, a fisherman’s port with a 16th century summer villa of the Skočibuha family. Our last stop will be the island of Lopud, which boasts a long maritime tradition and is a home to famous captains and sailors. We will take a Lungomare walk to the Franciscan Monastery and the 19th century Gjorgic-Mayneri Park, with enough free time for swimming at one of the sandy beaches.

Buffet Lunch menu
Cold: Dalmatian prosciutto, cheese, mixed salads with the addition of – meat, seafood, mushrooms and cheese
Hot: Breaded and fried fish and calamari, breaded schnitzels; with potato salad.
Sweet: Fresh seasonal fruit

What to wear: casual wear, hat, swimsuit & What to bring: camera, sunscreen, towel

From Dubrovnik
60,00 EUR

Departure from the hotel according to the plan
09:00 Departure from port Gruž
09:30 Arrival to Koločep and free time
10:15 Boat ride to Šipan
12:00 Departure to Lopud, lunch on board
13:00 Free time on Lopud island
17:00 Departure in direction of Dubrovnik
17:45 Arrival to port Gruž, transfer to hotel

Transfer, boat ride, guide, welcome drink, rich buffet lunch, one beverage and music included in the price.

Tour 6: Karaka Sunset & Dinner Cruise

Dubrovnik’s most romantic sunset dinner cruise
Evening cruise

Karaka sunset dinner cruise offers an elegant life style to enjoy a tasteful dinner on the cruise ship in a romantic ambience.
It offers an unforgettable dining experience on the 16th century wooden Karaka, with breathtaking views of Dubrovnik and Lokrum Island and a romantic sunset ambience that completes your holiday in Dubrovnik.
Relax while sailing under a starlit sky, as the sun sets and as the moon reflects of the Adriatic.
Listening to sweet music, drinking Champagne and listening to stories about the old times, is the original Dubrovnik experience you should not miss!

From Dubrovnik53,00 EUR

19:30 Departure from Old town -Lokrum and surroundings
22:00 Return to Old Town port

Boarding time: 15 min before departure time
Boarding location: Old port, Old Town
2,5 hour cruise on a comfortable Karaka, welcome drink – (glass of champagne), buffet dinner (Dalmatian menu), one beverage and ambiental music are included in the price.

Tour 7: Montenegro Blue

Ancient secrets of Montenegro bays
Full day Tour

Surrounded by high mountains reflected in the blue waters, a fjord-shaped Bay of Kotor is one of the most spectacular landscapes in the Mediterranean. Drive along the bay passing the town of Risan and picturesque Perast, the hometown of many captains.
Boat ride to the man-made islet of Our Lady of the Rocks (Gospa od Škrpjela). Upon returning home safely, seamen dropped rocks and sank old boats filled with rocks in this place and gradually created the islet as the foundation for the church.
The next stop of our tour is Kotor, town that has always been providing a safe harbour to navigators. We will stroll down the streets of that wonderful town surrounded by walls and fortresses (included in the UNESCO`s World Heritage List). At the end of the tour we will enjoy summer breeze while on a ferry making our way across the Bay of Kotor.

From Dubrovnik 57,00 EUR

Departure from the hotel according to the plan
08:30 Arrival to the border Karasovići Ride through the bay of Boka Kotorska Photo break at Verige
09:45 Arrival to Perast –boat ride to the islet of Gospa od Škrpjela with the sightseeing of the church
11:00 Departure to Kotor
11:30 Arrival to Kotor and sightseeing with the local guide
12:15 Free time for individual activities
16:30 Departure from Kotor Ferry ride from Lepetane to Kamenari
18:30 Arrival to Dubrovnik and transfer to the hotel

Transfers, guide, entrance fee for islet Gospa od Skrpjela are included in the price.
Local currency: Euro
Passport required.

Tour 8: Best of Montenegro

Dramatic scenery of mountains and bays
Full day Tour

Discover the Bay of Kotor, one of the most spectacular sceneries on the Mediterranean, surrounded by high mountains with picturesque small towns along its shores. Drive to Kotor passing Risan, once the seat of the Illyrian queen Teuta and picturesque Perast. Sightseeing tour of Kotor with its Romanesque Cathedral of St. Triphun, surrounded by walls and fortresses, included in the UNESCO`s World Heritage List.
Drive along the steep slopes to Cetinje with a breath-taking view over the Bay of Kotor. A short stop in the village of Njeguši where we will enjoy prosciutto and cheese tasting. Return to the coast, with a panoramic view over Sveti Stefan, an exclusive island-hotel. Orientation tour of Budva, time at leisure to explore this charming town. Return drive to Dubrovnik with a ferry-ride across the bay.

From Dubrovnik
55,00 EUR

Departure from the hotel according to the plan
08:30 Arrival to the border Karasovići Ride trough the bay of Boka Kotorska
10:00 Arrival to Kotor and sightseeing with the local guide
10:45 Free time for individual activities
12:45 Departure towards Budva driving through Cetinje
13:30 Cheese, prosciutto and honey brandy tasting at Njeguši
14:00 Departure towards Budva
15:00 Arrival to Budva, sightseeing and free time
16:30 Departure towards Dubrovnik Ferry ride from Lepetane to Kamenari
18:30 Arrival to Dubrovnik and transfer to the hotels

Transfers, guide, proschutto, cheese and honey brandy (medovača) tasting are included in the price.
Local currency: Euro
Passport required.

Tour 9: Kayak safari

Kayaking in Dubrovnik is something that surely is not going to leave you indifferent…
This kayaking adventure is fairly easy and suited for everyone. The tour lasts up to 4 hours and will show you the beauty of Dubrovnik and island Lokrum… The tour starts in front Old Town port with introduction of your experienced kayak-er, guide and instructor. Right before the tour starts you will be introduced to the basics of paddling, usage of kayaks and safety procedures. Once you’re ready our adventure can start…
First sight on our tour are famous Dubrovnik’s City walls. We will pass by city walls and paddle towards fort Lovrijenac on the north-west side of Old Town. Once we reach fort Lovrijenac we will turn and make our way towards the magical Lokrum island. During the tour we will stop at several checkpoints. Your guide will explain and share with you interesting stories about nearby sights along the way.
Our next stop is island Lokrum. Before we get off the kayaks for the break and relaxation on island Lokrum, we will paddle next to its cliffs, caves, and expansive rocky beaches. During the pause you may explore island and its network of trails, a botanical garden with 500 plant species, an 11th century Benedictine Monastery, or swim in inland sea-fed lake known as “Dead Sea” (Mrtvo More). You can also hike to French fort Royalbuilt in1808situated at the island’s highest point. Besides interesting historicalsite you can also enjoy in stunning view of Dubrovnik and the surrounding area. After island Lokrum our tour continues towards cave-beach Betina where we will stop again for a swimming and fun time… After-wards we will enter our kayaks and slowly return to the Old City port, where this exciting tour ends.

Basic language during the tour: English
Excursion participants: Individual travelers of mixed nationalities
Included in program:
Guide / instructor
Kayaking and safety equipment
Entrance fee for botanical garden and monastery on island Lokrum
1 bottle of water per person
Pick-up / drop off at the place of your residence in Dubrovnik
Available departures:
Morning program:09h00
Afternoon program:15h00 (3:00 pm)
Boarding location:
Hotel guests: Boarding location will be in front of hotel at the time indicated in voucher
Guests staying in other types of accommodation: Boarding location will be the nearest passenger collection point relative to the place of your residence. Exact boarding location and time of departure will be indicated in voucher
Don’t forget to bring along:
swimming suits
sunscreen with high factor
sunglasses, caps

Price: 39 EUR per person